Beauty Barks

Beauty Bark | Bellingham Beauty BarkAromatic, all natural ground covering to beautify and protect yards, walkways, open areas. We have several species of bark from regional Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Cedar to Alder, and is offered in varying grades from fine to coarse.

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Lenz Medium Bark | Bellingham Beauty BarkLenz Medium Bark

Medium Hemlock and Douglas Fir Bark that is coarser than fine bark and has particle sizes ranging from 4 inches in length, down to ½ inch and fines.

Application: Medium bark is used as a ground cover for beautifying your landscape and works very well as a weed barrier.
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Cedar Chips | Beauty BarkCedar Chips

2 1/2” clean cedar chips.

Used as a ground cover in play areas, under swing sets, dog kennels (controls bugs), landscaping, etc.
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Alder Sawdust Beauty Bark | Bellingham Beauty BarkHemlock and Fir Sawdust

Fine 1/4″ bits of Hemlock and Fir.

Animal bedding, non-nutrient soil amendment, or temporary holding medium for plants.


Lenz Fine Red Beauty Bark | Beauty Bark BellinghamLenz Fine Red Bark

Fine Fir and Hemlock Bark that is processed through a 3/4 inch screen.

Fine red bark is a smooth textured ground cover for beautifying your landscape while acting as a weed barrier.



Bellingham Mulch | Mulch BellinghamThe natural way to conserve water, keep down weeds, and combat erosion. A layer of mulch provides a fragrant, protective cover that holds in moisture, protects roots against freezing, and provides important nutrients to the soil.

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Lenz Mulch | Bellingham MulchLenz Mulch

A blend of Lenz Fine Bark & GreenBlenz Compost, processed through a 1/2” screen.

Excellent top dressing or soil amendment.
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Black Mulch | Bellingham Black Mulch
Black Bark Mulch

Fine screened aged Fir and Hemlock.

Decorative areas, landscaping.
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